The thoughtful design of trial graphics and visual aids is imperative for trial and ADR. Dramatically increase your audience’s understanding and retention of the facts with powerful infographics created with the help of Prolumina’s Visual Design Consultants. Add Prolumina’s proven visual design competencies to the skill set of your already formidable legal team.

Trial graphics - demonstrative evidence, blow-up boards, and timelines

Trial Graphics & Demonstrative Evidence

Keep your audience engaged through PowerPoint slides, static and oversized boards, animated interactive timelines and other assets created by our visual design consultants. Provide your expert with the graphic assets she needs to convey the facts of the case to your audience.

Trial graphics - 3D animation and motion graphics

3D Animation

Communicate the complex concepts surrounding medical procedures, mechanisms of injury, product failures, and the like by means of accurate 3D animations based upon real data provided by your expert witnesses.

Trial graphics - Laser site surveys and accident reconstruction

Site Surveys & Laser Mapping

Capture critical evidence related to important locations in your case through video, photographs, light surveys, topographic surveys, and other techniques. Avail yourself of the skills and experience of our trained consultants as you document conditions during important C.R. 34 inspections and other discovery.

Trial graphics - aerial videography and photography

Aerial Videography

Present your audience with a more complete view of the physical locations important to your case. With the latest in drone (UAV) and 4K (ultra HD) technologies, Prolumina sets the standard for use of high-tech aerial videography.

Trial graphics - Settlement and day-in-the-life videos

Day-in-the-Life & Settlement Videos

Tell your client’s story in a powerful documentary style that can improve the chances of reaching a favorable outcome.


Schedule an information session or just call us to have a preliminary chat. We look forward to talking with you about how our visual design experience can benefit your case.

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